Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spins in the garage

So I can spin the car around in the garage... If I get the kids bikes out of the way...lol

Finally have my cart together

I had a friend help put together a resto cart

Started welding all the seams

As you can see from the previous pictures, I have started welding all the seams. Lots more to do but I want to fill the seam with metal to minimize potential cracking and use of filler.

First mods

I know the purists out there will not be so excited but I have always disliked to out sized license plate lights on these cars.
So, I found a great frenching kit it with a light in the top.

Started at the back

I found a bit of rust right where, anyone who has worked on these cars, knows to looks.
The inner and outer panel meet at a flange and moisture gets in and sits! At least until it makes it's own drain hole

Then I got really crazy and torn out all the wiring

I plan on putting a new wiring harness in, as my experience with 30+ year old wiring and not knowing what the previous owners have added or, more likely, tossed, has NOT been good.
The wiring in my 1977 is an absolute freak show!!

And started stripping her down, cover the kids eyes already!

Finally got her into the garage

I had a good size honey do list before I got started with the car...
Actually I'll never finish that list especially since I am stupid enough to add to it myself...


Hi all,
I decided to start this blog to share my project. I am restoring / modifying my 1981 Fiat Spider.
I have named it "miscuglio" which is Italian and roughly translates to mixture, concoction, blend, jumble or medley. I have chosen the name, aside from the fact that it sounds good, because this car will be a mixture of parts from several different cars and many new parts from many different venders.
Here is the link to my photobucket album, since I have no intention of adding every photo here.


Here is what I towed home:

It is a fairly rust free car with a strong 2 liter engine.
It had been converted for rally cross and therefore didn't come with a functioning convertible top.

Here are a couple more pictures of "before"

I have made some progress stripping the car but will save that for the next post.

A little more about me

After studying sculpture in college, too many years ago to admit, I went into boat building and then cabinet making. I have always loved building things!
Here is a picture of my last boat project. It started out as a 22' Mako center console, just to give you an idea of how crazy I am.