Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi all,
I decided to start this blog to share my project. I am restoring / modifying my 1981 Fiat Spider.
I have named it "miscuglio" which is Italian and roughly translates to mixture, concoction, blend, jumble or medley. I have chosen the name, aside from the fact that it sounds good, because this car will be a mixture of parts from several different cars and many new parts from many different venders.
Here is the link to my photobucket album, since I have no intention of adding every photo here.


Here is what I towed home:

It is a fairly rust free car with a strong 2 liter engine.
It had been converted for rally cross and therefore didn't come with a functioning convertible top.

Here are a couple more pictures of "before"

I have made some progress stripping the car but will save that for the next post.