Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad day 101

So I got the car spun around and started investigating the full extent of the issues with my passengers front quarter. I welded a tab on the inside lip and hooked my vise grips to it. It took two seconds to figure out that it was not going to work. No where to hook my strap. So, I welded a washer to my tab, hooked my strap in the washer and cranked away. Silly fool, I thought a little pull and weld the inner and outer bits together, no problem!
Until the strap snapped and the hook hit me in the NOT SO FUNNY bone!
After growling for a few minutes, I went for the come along! Hmmm, no idea where that went, so I grabbed my chain hoist. Haha, this will work! Until the welded tab flew across the garage...
Then I doubled up my welds and it pulled fine, except not enough. So, I cut some more, pulled some more, and by the time I got the gap good, the fender was so deformed, I decided to cut it all loose again. End result? I accomplished nothing today! I now have to decide whether I search out a new fender, or cut the whole thing loose and realign it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Forget what I said before...NOW, I'm getting close on the back of the car

And the rain held out, almost.
Today, I got my passenger tail light brackets, stolen from the 78, welded in and finished sanding mud all around the back. As I said before, I am only getting the body work close until I can move the car to Mike's and get some good k2 primer on the whole car. I will tackle all the fine detailing at that point. A light coat of etching primer to keep the surface rust at bay for now.
I'm a geek right? I had to put the tail lights in, just to see it. I am very happy with how clean it all looks!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sugar free candy? Lead free lead? What?

It's just like sweet n low! Bad stuff that's not bad for you.... Sort of!
Are eggs good for us or not? Today?
So I started out my leading education with Lead (really, it's 70% lead 30% tin) and after putting some more thought into it, and reading the warning labels, I decided to get some " lead free" lead.
The "true" lead can not be sanded and I don't have the patience to not grab my grinder and have at it. The lead free stuff is the bomb! Melt it in, whip out the grinder, and boom you've got a metal filled seam, hole, gap, whatever! Ok, you do have to grind, melt, burn, clean, sand, clean, flux, clean.... before all that, but still, the bomb!!
Today I did some more fill and sand on the sweet back end and while the body filler was getting hard, I tried out my new lead free on the badly matched repair on the drivers rear quarter. At the very beginning, I did say that this car was relatively rust free, and I didn't lie! I never said it was straight and true! Again, I didn't lie! Some rather cheesy repairs are forcing my hand at recovery.
In any case, the pictures show how bad the gap was under the deck lid and how fantastic the new "lead" works.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Was getting really close on the back of the car

And then it rained sideways...
No really, it rained so hard it blow water under the front door. Anyway, I had to run around getting all the stuff back in the garage. If you are from Florida, you understand, that rain sneaks up on us. One minute it's sunny and beautiful, the next it's coming down in sheets... Sideways!!
I got the passenger side rear flare sorted and added a small lip over my license plate bucket. Just seemed too narrow a line to me. Might be impossible to see the top of the plate when it's done... I care!
Then I started slinging mud. I decided I didn't need to lead the seams since three people have asked me "why? It's already full of metal!" There are still some seems that I will lead in, especially the ones on the top which are exposed to severe summer sun.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to the welding...

After I messed with my brake light, I got back to welding in more seams. Got the passenger rear quarter set and then put her to bed for the night. I found some self etching, weld through primer from Eastwood and am back painting all the metal before I cover it up. I just want this paint job to last longer than the 77...
Who am I kidding? It took 20 years for that one to really look bad... I think it will be fine!

Got 3rd brake light?

I'm happy with the results! Fine tuned it a bit more today. Everything will get a final tuning once I get the car in full primer, but for now I will start with an etching primer to cover the bare metal while I keep going. Unfortunately, I don't have compressor enough in my garage to spray properly. The neighbors have been great about my doing a full resto in my garage, but probably would not like it if I was spraying the whole car here. Ha

Saturday, May 25, 2013

With my new bottle of gaaassssss

I was able to mostly finish my third brake light surround. I'll have to work it a little bit still tomorrow but it looks pretty good. After searching around I found a license plate frame with the light built into it for $24. Almost all the "weld in" kits I found where almost $100 and that seemed insane.
I cut the bracket apart and welded in the part that I needed and then rolled some flat stock around the fixture and welded it in. Then I pounded a cap piece into place and went crazy until I ran out of gaaassssss!!
After some stupid stuff, previously mentioned, I was able to get back to it.

You got gaaassssss

Anyone remember the movie Matthew Perry used that line in?
Well, kudos to my buddy Vince for having a spare bottle of Stargon for my mig welder when I ran out of gas on the first day of my long weekend. I called around and even drove to one place that was open and said they had it. When I got there the a@*h+~e said he couldn't take my tank in exchange because it wasn't blue. Seriously??? I asked him if he sold blue f'in paint??? What the??
Can you tell I was a little upset to have the guy tell me on the phone, "sure, no problem" and get that garbage after driving 25 miles? ONE WAY
In any case, Vince hooked me up and I'm grindin' an weldin'
Oh, and it was Serving Sara, see it if you haven't, pretty funny stuff!

Friday, May 24, 2013

On my way out to the garage...

I decided it was time to go talk to Mike. Mike painted my first spider, the jade green 77, 20 years ago. If that doesn't make me feel old... But yea, we did the math and it has been 20 years. Mike is in the auto restoration business and will do the final paint on Miscuglio. Once I have all the body work done and have fit all the parts that might cause damage to the finish paint, the car will go down to his shop where we will prime and paint the whole car.
Anyway, all excuses aside, I didn't get anything done on the car today, BUT, I do have a 3 day weekend...
While at Mike's shop, I drooled a little over the rotisserie he currently has a 914 on. I so wish I had the space and equipment to have that...
Happy Memorial Day!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm obsessed...

So I took an hour before my daughters awards ceremony and dropped the rear end, the driveshaft and gutted the rest of the fuel lines. Nothing left but sheet metal now!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The other thing I figured out today...

When the front end repair was done, and the passengers quarter was beaten into submission, it was never welded back to the inner structure. This explains why the gap goes bad part way back the hood. I clamped a pair of vise grips to the inside lip of the fender and pulled it, with a strap hooked in the opposite shock tower until it lined up. Well, as far as I could tell with the hood stopping on top of the vise grip. This weekend I will weld a tab on the inside lip so that the hood will close all the way and I can check the line. It actually looks better in the picture but the gap goes from a light 1/4" to a heavy 3/8" and back to 1/4" along the edge of the hood. If I'm in this deep, I can't let that go, right?

Clean engine bay, ok... NOT clean, just empty!

Got the drivers side front suspension out and gutted the rest of the hoses, cables, steering box, brake booster and master cylinder from the engine bay. Then I spun the car around to get the rear end out tomorrow. Wait, I might not get to that tomorrow. Awards ceremony at middle school takes precedence!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Had to take a break from the weld n grind.

So I started stripping the rest of the mechanicals out. I've removed most of it, but today cleared out all the suspension from the front passengers side, steering idler and sway bar. That leaves the drivers front suspension, the rear end, brake and fuel lines, steering box and column. Then I can call it a shell!

Monday, May 20, 2013

And the truth becomes obvious

We can not take a tape measure to this nose! I got the hood hinged back up today and spent some time working the gaps and body lines. Partially because of the heat that I introduced to the hood in my small bump retrofit, and mostly because the car was beat silly at some point...
It took a while, and some pushing, pulling, banging, and finally cutting to get the body gaps lined up. The repair from the header the car took back in Texas necessitated the replacement of the drivers front quarter and the front cross members. What didn't get replaced... but instead beaten into submission, was the passenger side quarter. I ended up cutting it away from the top front cross member to get the proper gap. I will have to weld in a new inner plate to keep it where it is now. The gap is still bad half way back the passenger side of the hood so I will have to figure out the best solution. Glad I have a big hammer!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ok, this is going to get boring...

Cause all I do is grind and weld. Ok, maybe when I get around to cleaning and scraping the bottom of the car, it will get even more boring. Still getting the front of the car sorted.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just kidding...HaHa

The nose is getting sorted out. I made a bit of progress with my chin spoiler and did some more weld and grind. The car was in an accident back in Texas some years ago and I am uncovering the extent of the damage. The repair was done relatively well, at least from the exterior. There is some evidence of the collision in the engine bay and I will clean it up a bit, but am not going to get crazy about it.

That's it! I quit!

Took the kids to the beach today and decided that I have to stop working on the car and work on the boat project instead!!
I'll let you know where and when I start the blog for that one...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wow, gotta watch the heat!

I got brave and started learning how to lead my seams... On my hood!
It's very easy to get the metal too hot and make things move. All in all it came out pretty good, but will need a light skim of body filler. The real challenge is going to be on vertical surfaces! Ouch...
Stay tuned, it might have to start using "bleep" instead of certain words.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If the old paint is thicker than the welded seem... Am I doing ok?

I'm pretty happy with the results when the old paint, and there are a few layers, is thicker than the stepped seam I welded!


If you are a tool hog like me, nothing is more exciting then new tools. Well, except for the kids!! Today I got my new stepping tool and immediately cut into my hood. Yep, I'm crazy and have to fit old small bumps to my 81 hood. It would not be Miscuglio if I didn't really mix it up. I cut the small bumps out of a 1978 hood and fit them into the 81. I stepped the edge all around and stitched it together. In case you were wondering why I passed right by the necessary rust repair to the door bottoms... I was waiting for this tool. What a tool!!