Monday, May 20, 2013

And the truth becomes obvious

We can not take a tape measure to this nose! I got the hood hinged back up today and spent some time working the gaps and body lines. Partially because of the heat that I introduced to the hood in my small bump retrofit, and mostly because the car was beat silly at some point...
It took a while, and some pushing, pulling, banging, and finally cutting to get the body gaps lined up. The repair from the header the car took back in Texas necessitated the replacement of the drivers front quarter and the front cross members. What didn't get replaced... but instead beaten into submission, was the passenger side quarter. I ended up cutting it away from the top front cross member to get the proper gap. I will have to weld in a new inner plate to keep it where it is now. The gap is still bad half way back the passenger side of the hood so I will have to figure out the best solution. Glad I have a big hammer!!