Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad day 101

So I got the car spun around and started investigating the full extent of the issues with my passengers front quarter. I welded a tab on the inside lip and hooked my vise grips to it. It took two seconds to figure out that it was not going to work. No where to hook my strap. So, I welded a washer to my tab, hooked my strap in the washer and cranked away. Silly fool, I thought a little pull and weld the inner and outer bits together, no problem!
Until the strap snapped and the hook hit me in the NOT SO FUNNY bone!
After growling for a few minutes, I went for the come along! Hmmm, no idea where that went, so I grabbed my chain hoist. Haha, this will work! Until the welded tab flew across the garage...
Then I doubled up my welds and it pulled fine, except not enough. So, I cut some more, pulled some more, and by the time I got the gap good, the fender was so deformed, I decided to cut it all loose again. End result? I accomplished nothing today! I now have to decide whether I search out a new fender, or cut the whole thing loose and realign it.