Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sugar free candy? Lead free lead? What?

It's just like sweet n low! Bad stuff that's not bad for you.... Sort of!
Are eggs good for us or not? Today?
So I started out my leading education with Lead (really, it's 70% lead 30% tin) and after putting some more thought into it, and reading the warning labels, I decided to get some " lead free" lead.
The "true" lead can not be sanded and I don't have the patience to not grab my grinder and have at it. The lead free stuff is the bomb! Melt it in, whip out the grinder, and boom you've got a metal filled seam, hole, gap, whatever! Ok, you do have to grind, melt, burn, clean, sand, clean, flux, clean.... before all that, but still, the bomb!!
Today I did some more fill and sand on the sweet back end and while the body filler was getting hard, I tried out my new lead free on the badly matched repair on the drivers rear quarter. At the very beginning, I did say that this car was relatively rust free, and I didn't lie! I never said it was straight and true! Again, I didn't lie! Some rather cheesy repairs are forcing my hand at recovery.
In any case, the pictures show how bad the gap was under the deck lid and how fantastic the new "lead" works.