Monday, May 27, 2013

Was getting really close on the back of the car

And then it rained sideways...
No really, it rained so hard it blow water under the front door. Anyway, I had to run around getting all the stuff back in the garage. If you are from Florida, you understand, that rain sneaks up on us. One minute it's sunny and beautiful, the next it's coming down in sheets... Sideways!!
I got the passenger side rear flare sorted and added a small lip over my license plate bucket. Just seemed too narrow a line to me. Might be impossible to see the top of the plate when it's done... I care!
Then I started slinging mud. I decided I didn't need to lead the seams since three people have asked me "why? It's already full of metal!" There are still some seems that I will lead in, especially the ones on the top which are exposed to severe summer sun.