Saturday, May 25, 2013

You got gaaassssss

Anyone remember the movie Matthew Perry used that line in?
Well, kudos to my buddy Vince for having a spare bottle of Stargon for my mig welder when I ran out of gas on the first day of my long weekend. I called around and even drove to one place that was open and said they had it. When I got there the a@*h+~e said he couldn't take my tank in exchange because it wasn't blue. Seriously??? I asked him if he sold blue f'in paint??? What the??
Can you tell I was a little upset to have the guy tell me on the phone, "sure, no problem" and get that garbage after driving 25 miles? ONE WAY
In any case, Vince hooked me up and I'm grindin' an weldin'
Oh, and it was Serving Sara, see it if you haven't, pretty funny stuff!