Monday, July 29, 2013

Slow progress...

I have been working like a dog to get stuff done and make a little extra to head out on a road trip.
So, the garage is all closed up and we head out tomorrow to the lake in Maine. After a few days there, we are taking the kids to NYC. On to Philadelphia where I will show the kids the house I lived in when I was born. Then Annapolis and DC, where we will hit up the air and space museum. That's the only thing my son really cars about seeing...
After DC, we'll head back east and down the eastern shore to Virginia. A day in Savannah, and then home.
Relatives from Austria are joining us in NYC, DC, and also once we are home.
Maybe I'll post something from the road, but it won't be about my little beast in the garage.
Everybody have a great couple weeks!!