Sunday, December 22, 2013

Engine rebuild

Back in 1993 I rebuilt my first fiat engine. I armed myself with 3 manuals, 100 plastic bags and 10 sharpies. As I delved into disassembling the engine I bagged and tagged every screw, bolt, washer, plastic clip....
I cleaned everything, honed the cylinders, replaced all the bearings, rings, seals, gaskets, etc.
I actually managed to get the thing back together and made it run again. Yep, I was somewhat amazed!
Well, that engine is still going in my 77 so, to a point, I am even more amazed.
The one thing I didn't do was have the head redone since money was tight and it was way over my head... No pun! 
Head work is still above and beyond my capabilities!
This time around, as much as I am thick headed and like to do everything myself, I am sending the block and the head out to be done. The cylinders will be bored out .4mm to accommodate oversized pistons. This is also way past my skill level. The head will be ported and reground with larger valves. The cams will also be replaced. I am lucky enough to be only a few hours away from a mechanic with 25 + years experience working on Fiats. 
If my methods seem scattered while I go off on tangents all the time, here is my reasoning behind the current change of direction. 
I am stripping the block and cleaning it up. Before I deliver it to Beek (the engine guru) I will drop the block back in the car so that I can measure and mock up the available room to work with on my steering rack conversion. The space between the crossmember and bell housing is pretty tight so I have to be sure that I can fit the steering rack.
Like I did 20 years ago, I am bagging and tagging all the parts to be sure I don't lose anything.