Monday, December 16, 2013

Off on another tangent

As I'm growing tired of the bodywork, I continue to find other parts of the project to work on. A couple nights ago I managed to sort out a bracket to mount my fog lights. Still lots to do, but I have the design and layout sorted. Then I popped the hood and started thinking about what needs to be done in the engine bay. That, and some posts on my favorite forum, got me motivated to sort out what I want to do with my steering. My plan is to swap out the steering box, center link and idler for a manual rack and pinion. I went ahead and remounted the front suspension in order to start measuring and sourcing a compatible rack. I will have to fabricate brackets, welded to the cross arm which supports the engine, to hold the rack. I am sure I will also have to fabricate a tie rod end sleeve, well... 2, which will connect the new rack to the original style outer tie rod. I am lucky enough to already have the larger disks and calipers from the 85.5 spider and with a rack an pinion set up I am sure it will be great.