Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meet the Beek

I took the day off from my crazy work schedule and drove up to the Orlando area with Michael, a local fellow spider owner. We went to deliver my cylinder head and parts to Randy Beeken who has been building, fixing, restoring and racing Fiats, and Lancias, for over 25 years. Randy will be rebuilding the cylinder head with bigger valves, triple springs and assembling the head with cam boxes using my 42-82/82-42 cams. These numbers designate the duration of lift in the cam which opens and closes the valves. 
I have had many phone conversations with Randy so it was great to finally meet him and get this part of my project moving forward. 
We also picked up a bunch of parts which were brought down from Steve in the great white north, by our friend Jim who was delivering his 69 from Minnesota to Randy's shop. It's an interesting community of spider owners spread across this country and the world over, united by the internet and one common interest, keeping another spider on the road.