Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a miserable but satisfying day!

I spent the whole day under the car scraping and cleaning...
Crap flying everywhere, nasty, nasty, nasty!! But, I made a lot of progress and only have a little more to do. I have a very hard time finding the motivation to do this part of a project but I do know that it is necessary! In the process I uncovered a good bunch of rust holes hiding beneath the undercoat. Having spent the day lying in my back under the car, with everything falling on me or shooting at me, I have decided that I can't do it like that any more. I cleaned up the garage and strapped the car to my cart. Then I dragged the engine hoist around and lifted one side of the car. I have it at 45 degrees right now and am sure I can get to 60. This way, I will be able to sit and weld patches almost vertical instead of over my head. Some of the fixes can be done from inside the car but unless I remove cross beams and seat rails, some of it will have to be done from underneath. In any case, I felt good about things at days end, knowing that I am doing a complete job and not leaving stuff that will bite me in the end.