Sunday, April 6, 2014

More fix the rust!

I managed to put the whole day into the car and finished repairing areas under the rear cross member. I got the front half welded back in coating the inside before I did. The paint makes for a bit more slatter when welding but I'm happy to have the whole thing coated inside. Then I reinstalled the plates that carry the front of the trailing arm bracket. I did put the bracket back on under the car so that the location was right on. After I painted the back section, I started working my way up the passengers foot well. There were a few bad spots along the outside of the seat rail so I cut the whole length out and replaced it. I had to weld that bit from the bottom and used seam sealer on the top. I got everything painted, again using Eastwood rust inhibitor just as an added measure. I also got the white spray bomb out and scuffed and coated part of the under dash area.