Friday, May 2, 2014

Brake lines

Today I got my first taste of fitting brake lines. It took me a little searching to get the necessary fittings and I ended up ordering them online which, of course, is normal with this car. I did check at a local parts store and the guy at the counter tried to talk me into adapter fittings to make the premanufactured brake lines fit my car. He told me that if I have never done brake line fittings before, that I shouldn't try... Big trouble, don't do it!! Just buy the adapters...
I told him that I would think about it... NOT!
I had already ordered my new tool and you know by now how I am with tools!! I'm probably worse about hoarding tools than I am about hoarding fiat parts... Ooooooh, that's saying something!!
So I found the "bubble" fittings easy to make with my new tool and the bending lines into place a bit more of a challenge! My first attempt was miserable and I trashed it. My second attempt, you know, with all that experience... wasn't so bad. The next two attempts went fairly smoothly. In the end, I got the brake lines installed at the engine bay end of things. Still have to clamp them in place and finish the other end of each line. All said, fun experience and one more thing I can chalk off the bucket list.