Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still more wiring

So I finished up most of the under dash connections. I'm waiting for an 80amp relay which should be here on Tuesday. I will use that to power the sub assemblies and trigger it from the keyless entry system so that as soon as I walk away from the car, everything will power down. I decided it was time to toss the windshield on and see where my dash top needs to go to. Then I started working on wiring the back end of the car. I added a trunk light and changed the license plate light to an LED strip. The fuel guage tripped me up since when I tested it, it read full on a tank that has never seen a drop of fuel...
Ohms, I think that's the issue... And I know nothing about that!!
Time to start learning and I might find out that it has nothing to do with ohms and everything to do with compatibility!
I'll see what I can figure out tomorrow.