Sunday, June 29, 2014


So last week I was trying to clean up a bit and tossed some more crap up on one of my shelves. As I turned away, I thought I saw it move a bit... I turned back around just in time to take most of the crashing mess on my shoulder and back while deflecting it from destroying the back of my car. Both the car and I cried a little but we survived. So, I spent the weekend cleaning up from that and building a new work space. As I am taking off with the kids next week, I made room to put the other little beastie away while I'm gone. I remember saying at one point that I would keep them both in the garage but you know, there just isn't room to move then. During the winter it is not such a problem but now that rainy season is upon us, I will do my best to roll the green one in at night. 
Everybody have a great 4th!!