Sunday, June 1, 2014

Taking a break from electrical work

And got very messy today cleaning up and painting suspension parts. I sorted through the assortment of rear ends I had out in the shed and picked what I thought was the best one. After cleaning it a bit, I found major rust in the spring bucket. So, I gutted all the good bits and tossed the housing on the scrap pile... The next one was better and cleaned up pretty well. I am not actually rebuilding the rear end right now, just cleaning it up and run it so I know if I need to do anything to it. I cleaned up and painted the rear springs and short trailing arms. That's enough to get the thing hanging under the car and I'll clean up the long trailing arms and pan hard soon. I also pulled a couple sets of rear brake calipers from my stock pile and started soaking them in penetrating oil. Lots of jobs still to do but it is very gratifying to be putting parts on the car!!