Thursday, July 31, 2014

Transmission bits...

I had a great day today making a mad dash to Groveland to see Beek. Another freind who I have met through the spider forum happened to be in town and we got to actually meet after months of banter on the forum. 
If the world was small before, the internet has only made it smaller, amazing! 
In any case, it was a great day rebuilding a transmission, trading stories with freinds and learning from people who know a great deal!! 
If I had tried this at home, I would have laid the parts out in a table in exactly the order they came off...
But not Beek, he just piles them up! Of course, he has disassembled and put back together so many of them that he knows where every piece of the puzzle goes. I can do the same with my flashlight so I don't feel so bad!! Haha!
Maybe someday I'll try one on my own but it sure feels good to have a pro handle some stuff!!