Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Intake airbox cover

I started testing an idea tonight. I pulled a mold off an old Fuel Injection intake box to see how I can incorporate it into the airbox for the top of my carbs. It will take some smoothing but I should be able to build an imbossed cover that looks as though it was original. Just another fun part of the project. Stay tuned for the results...

Monday, October 27, 2014

More on the cold air intake

Now that the engine is in and carbs sitting in place, I have continued working out my cold air intake system. 
I made a paper template of the top of the carbs and also measured the available height under the hood. 
Then I laid up a bit of fiberglass and set the template in the wet resin. This way, when the resin cures, my template will be glued to it and I can cut out a perfect baseplate. With that done, I will sort out a top and tie it into the intake tube. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Making great progress!

But being lazy about keeping the blog up! Sorry!!
After getting the engine in I started assembling the front suspension and yesterday got the thing on the ground and rolled out of the garage on its own feet for the first time in about 20 months. It was a very exciting day to say the least. Today I installed all the cooling system components and gave it a cursory alignment. I still have to rebuild the distributor and hook up the rest of the electrical stuff before I try to start it but I am not far off! Now that will be an exciting day!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacuum advance

The original carb, or fuel injection, has a vacuum line running to the distributor for a vacuum advance. This means that as more air is drawn through the carb it advances the distributor timing. There is no provision for this in a dual carb set up so I drilled and tapped a vacuum line in each intake runner. These lines will lead to a manifold from which one line will lead to the distributor providing a constant vacuum for the advance. The dual carbs create a situation where there is a carb barrel for each cylider and it is therefore necessary to pull vacuum from each individual runner for that constant vacuum. 
In any case, I got more done today than I thought I would and maybe this beast will get under the car some evening this week. 

Linking the carbs

Today I got the two carbs all linked together and mounted on the intake manifold. It takes a little modification to get the pair working together in tight quarters. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fedex delivers

This morning the top of my motor arrived and I went ballistic all day getting things assembled. Still more to do but it should be able to get it in the car next weekend! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Milling the intake cam box

Randy is wrapping up the work on the head and intake. He has had to mill the mating surface on the cam box to get the valve shims within tolerance. This is due to the cams I am using. Soon I will be getting the rest of the motor put together and into the car!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

You're never gonna believe this...

I found another spider in need of rescue. Actually, I found 16 but could only take one! I brought it home on Thursday but couldn't mess with it until today. After changing the distributor, plugs, wires and adding a monster fuel filter, she fired right up!! SWEET!!!
My son thinks his new car is the coolest thing in the world!! I think I finally got him interested!!
The car has a bit of racing history in the SCCA circuit in NorCal. It was prepped by Joe's Fiat Service, in Redwood City California, which has been in business since Fiats were first imported to the country. 
We will preserve the exterior as is and do a "rolling restoration". The car came with a spare motor so we can get that all built and just swap it out. We will have to get the lights and such working to drive on the street but the wonderful thing about Florida is the fact that you can register any variety of trash and drive it on public roads. 
Meanwhile back in the garage... After I spent the morning getting the new one running, I cleaned up and got things organized so I can continue on the 81. I have been slowly getting back to it and will update soon. 
Harvey, thanks for the note! Sorry I missed you! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finally back in the cave

I finally got a day to play with the car!! I started fitting my oil cooler which meant cutting some stuff out of the way and welding up the areas where I cut. A little grinding and painting and it will be ready to bolt in. I also sorted out the necessary fittings to plumb the oil line to the adaptor and got those ordered. 
Finally some progress!!

Meanwhile, back at the machine shop

Randy has been making progress getting the head and intake sorted out. He is assembling the head now and it should be done fairly soon. 

Summer rush close to over

So I have punch lists on all three jobs but for the most part the crazy work schedule is finally dying down. I finished one job about 45 minutes before the owners showed up... Ouch!! 
Here's a shot of the other two...