Saturday, October 11, 2014

You're never gonna believe this...

I found another spider in need of rescue. Actually, I found 16 but could only take one! I brought it home on Thursday but couldn't mess with it until today. After changing the distributor, plugs, wires and adding a monster fuel filter, she fired right up!! SWEET!!!
My son thinks his new car is the coolest thing in the world!! I think I finally got him interested!!
The car has a bit of racing history in the SCCA circuit in NorCal. It was prepped by Joe's Fiat Service, in Redwood City California, which has been in business since Fiats were first imported to the country. 
We will preserve the exterior as is and do a "rolling restoration". The car came with a spare motor so we can get that all built and just swap it out. We will have to get the lights and such working to drive on the street but the wonderful thing about Florida is the fact that you can register any variety of trash and drive it on public roads. 
Meanwhile back in the garage... After I spent the morning getting the new one running, I cleaned up and got things organized so I can continue on the 81. I have been slowly getting back to it and will update soon. 
Harvey, thanks for the note! Sorry I missed you!