Sunday, March 22, 2015

Remember way back at the beginning?

When I delayed the start of this project to get some things off the honey do list? You know... The one I add to myself?
Well, After the holidays, I went back to work on the kitchen and finished some back splashes, upper cabinets and more lighting. Then I had to catch up on a whole list of stuff that I was putting off while working on the car. In that list was other car stuff like getting a working rear end back in the 77 so my 15 year old Zia can start driving it. We did and she is!! I did all the brakes in my wife's VW and also the brakes in the big pig diesel which incidentally, Zia likes driving better than a car. I figure if she learns how to maneuver that beast, she can handle anything. 
So, after all that, I finally got back to "THE PROJECT".
With all the running gear set, I thought it best to start back on the body work and get this thing painted some time this year. Maybe the fact that there has been progress on the leather interior in my absence is motivating me to get ready to install an interior. 
I started with strengthening the hinge points on the drivers door, stealing parts from the doors saved from the 78 I scrapped a while back. 
So, here are some pictures...