Sunday, September 27, 2015

At least it is a bit different than "weld, grind, weld"...
A little more progress!
With the epoxy primer on, I went back and redid the major body work. I have learned that I should have bought the epoxy primer when I was doing the body work the first time. I could have done sections and it would have stayed in better shape over the long haul project. Oh well, lesson learned... Next time I will not go backwards so much!
With the bulk in good shape, I coated the whole car again with epoxy primer just to avoid surface rust. I still have lots of little areas to address as far as smoothing the lines but it is close. I think the hood is the next thing to deal with and once I have that mounted again, I will be able to finalize all the body work. But then.. I have to take the hood, deck lid, and doors back off to get the jambs all cleaned up. Will it ever end?

At least today was a productive day!